The Sky is Falling

Claims are flying around by both the Republican and the Democratic parties that Bush’s nomination of Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court is going to be the “end of the Republican party”, the “rift” or “strife” that will forever destroy the GOP’s chance of sustaining their hold on the White House. Conservatives all over the nation are adamantly voicing their disappointment in Bush because he did not nominate a slam-dunk conservative for the Judicial Court; instead choosing this no-name woman who is a “pioneer”, but has never served in court, has no paper-trail, and has had no indications of her political leanings.

Just now on Rush Limbaugh, a caller phoned in, ranting about how much leg-work he put in to Bush’s reelection, and now he feels screwed by Bush’s political rulings. My question is: Would any one else have been better as President? Not Kerry, we can all agree. Bush already has had four years in the House. Would anyone else have been qualified to pick up the War on Terror three years after it began? Just because we know nothing about Meirs does not mean that she is a bad choice. Just today, Rush found out that Meirs was not even Bush’s first choice! All the previous women choices had simply declined to go through the nomination process!

I do not agree with those who adamantly support Bush in his decision with Meirs, claiming that “He has earned our trust and we need to give him the benefit of the doubt”. It is not the “executive privilege” of the President to say “Trust Me”. Ann Coulter in her latest article states: “He was elected to represent the American people, not to be dictator for eight years.” [1] Nor am I in the camp of those who feel screwed and not adequately represented by our President. I think it’s too early to tell. Meirs might very well be the conservative justice we’ve all been praying for. True, Bush could have picked someone most definitely conservative and rubbed it in the Democrat’s faces. Or he could be slipping in a true conservative right under the Democrat’s noses so that after Meirs is confirmed he could turn around and go “Na!!!”

As for this issue being the “end of the GOP’s power” – please. The last time something like this happend was in the late 1970’s with Ronald Reagan and the GOP’s debates over his election to the Presidential Nomination ballot. What ensued? Two landslides in 1980 and ’84. An issue like this will, if anything, get the Conservative’s blood boiling and give them the kick in the rear they’ve needed for a while.

[1] “This is What ‘Advice and Consent’ Means” by Ann Coulter Thu. Oct. 6, 2005
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