National Geographic claims that the Egyptians might have had a primitive-type incandescent lightbulb while building the pyramids. They found a large glass bowl (large meaning several dozen feet across) with two brass rods inside. These rods were bridged by a piece of iron that was covered in vinegar residue, which conducts electricity. Interesting, to say the least, although if they ever end up confirming it, I wouldn’t be surprised. Humanity has continued to decline in knowledge and increase in stupidity ever since the Garden.

A thought I had though, is what would the world be like without…Captain Hook? Naw, just kidding. What would the world be like without the lightbulb? If we didn’t have the capability of lightbulbs, more people would get up at the crack of dawn, work hard all day, and go to bed with the sun. There would be nothing else to do. No late-night studying. No cram-sessions for tests the night before. No one would be lazy for long because the lack of light would make it imperative for them to accomplish their existence while the light of day was upon them. There would be no nightclubs, no midnight runs to WalMart. Everything would have to close at sundown. It seems like there would be more order and schedule to the present world. Perhaps this would make people more amiable towards one another as well. If you have to work all day, then how are you to shop for your sustenance if they too close at sundown? Longer lunch breaks. Maybe rename them “shopping breaks”. No one would be able to drive through the night, which might seem bad if there were ever an emergency, but, hey, with the added difficulties, may just come added unity amongst our fellow neighbors. Whatever happened to doctors braving the cold, wet, dark world to save a life? They’ve been pansied as well, but that is for another post.

If I have time to think of any more instances where the lack of a lightbulb would create an interesting scenario, I’ll be sure to publish it here.


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Emergency Veterinarian by night; Crossfit athlete by day; Redeemed work-in-progress by the Grace of God.
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