STR Solid Ground – Sept/Oct 2007

The Problem of Evil

– The problem of evil is perhaps the greatest challenge a Christian has to answer.

– Atheists often use the presence of evil in the world to argue against God’s existence, however, it proves just the opposite.

– To say something is evil is a value judgement based on a standard of moral perfection that is falls short of.

– We observe that moral rules exist but have no physical properties. They are a king of communication, they have an “oughtness” to them, and we feel real guilt when we violate them.

– Only three options for the existence of morality are possible: 1) morality is simply an illusion; 2) moral rules are the product of chance; or 3) they are the product of intelligence.

– Moral laws have force when they’re given by an appropriate authority.

– Moral laws suggest a moral law giver. The best explanation for the existence of morality is a personal God.

(Gregory Koukl, President of Stand to Reason, Full Article: HERE)

Putting Your Knowledge Into Action

* Realize that the problem of evil is actually one of the strongest proofs for the existence of God.

*When you encounter someone who says there is no truth, ask them what they mean by “truth.”

* Remember the four observations about morality: moral rules are not physical, governed by natural laws, they are a kind of communication, there is an “oughtness” about them, and we have a conscience that reflects true moral guilt.

*Keep in mind that we only have three options when trying to explain morality: it’s an illusion, it’s a product of mere chance, or it’s a product of intellligence.

*Remember that when relativists complain about the injustice of the universe it’s a tacit admission of morality

* Don’t forget that if moral rules have no ground or justification they need not be obeyed. And, like the policeman directing traffic, they must have an appropriate authority that gives them incumbency.


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