27th February RSS Feed Digest

1) Higher tectonic activity during Earth’s early history could have played a key role in cycling critically important nutrients and energy sources for life.

a. Release trapped nutrients
b. Release pockets of methane gas and molecular hydrogenhttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
c. Methane and H could then provide crucial energy sources for nonphotosynthetic life
d. Bring water to otherwise arid habitats, such as rocks far below Earth’s surface
e. Increased amt. of life makes Earth more habitable for humans and increases amts. of biodeposits

2) Agricultural officers in China announced today that the H5N1 avian influenza virus has struck poultry in the southwestern part of the country, a day after new outbreaks were reported in Pakistan, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

3) What Is Knowledge?

Knowledge = It is to represent reality in thought or experience the way it really is on the basis of adequate grounds.
To Know Something = To think of or experience it as it really is on a solid basis of evidence, experience, intuition, and so forth.

Three Clarifications:
a. Knowledge has nothing to do with certainty or an anxious quest for it.
b. One can know something without knowing how one knows it.
c. One can know without knowing that one knows.

Three Kinds
a. Knowledge by acquaintance
b. Propositional knowledge
c. Know-how

One should not limit what one can see or directly be aware of to the five senses.
Rational awareness = The soul’s ability to directly be aware of aesthetic and moral values, numbers and the laws of mathematics, the laws of logic, and various abstract objects such as humanness, wisdom and so forth.

Knowledge starts with awareness of reality.

4) In December 2007, four Christians were killed, many injured and numerous homes and churches destroyed or damaged in Orissa state in violent clashes that began on Christmas Eve.

5) Firefox Featured Download
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