Head Trauma

I’ve been having a constant headache for four consecutive days now. We thought at first that my little hormonal tantrum on Sunday caused it, but since my emotional keel has evened out and the jackhammer assault on my brain has not subsided, we are starting to think it might be a type of flu bug.

And no, I never got my flu shot. No one say anything. I don’t now wish that I had gotten the flu shot. My reason? Well, because I like popping Ibuprofen like it’s cheap crack, of course!!

On a slightly more academic note, I was recently discussing theology with my dad (a common occurrence), and he passed on an interesting piece of information to me. Apparently a Sunday School teacher had conducted an experiment during her class. She gave all of her kids one Bible verse and told them to take thirty minutes and write down as many observations as they could in that time. Now, you may be thinking “Thirty minutes? For one verse? How obnoxiously boring!” However, after the time had expired and the teacher analyzed the results, she noticed that the most insightful and comprehensive observations had not occurred until the 25 minute mark and beyond.

The application being, one cannot simply sit down, skim through a chapter of the Bible in the mornings, and call that “study”. It takes time (at least thirty minutes, according to this study…maybe a bit longer for those not as ‘youthful of mind’), it takes reflection, and it takes dedication.

The challenge: Pick one chapter of the Bible, maybe Romans 9 or Jonah 1. Get a notebook or piece of paper. Now, sit down and read the chapter, writing down as many observations as you can. Be sure you don’t move into the realm of Interpretation. You’re just observing here. Interpretation comes later. Read and Write observations for at least thirty minutes. You’d be surprised what you discover.

Christ’s Savvy Grace.


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Emergency Veterinarian by night; Crossfit athlete by day; Redeemed work-in-progress by the Grace of God.
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