One of the most valuable feelings two people can share is that of complete reconciliation. I recently experienced this truth yet again in a relationship very dear to me.

The fault was all mine. Initiating the plea for forgiveness nearly drove me mad. But in the end I came out of it with a bit more maturity and a lot more humbleness.

Throughout this adventure known as “Our Long Distance Relationship”, the one thing that has continued to rank number one as essential for our success is Communication. And it goes beyond simply disclosing my feelings and thoughts through secondary and ultimately inadequate technological means. Communication also includes being able to truthfully admit when I don’t want to talk right now, and him being okay with that.  And vice versa, of course…but I seem to need this admission more than him.  🙂

Communicating also means I should never think that I am the only one affected by my attitudes, emotions, and decisions. While it is good to learn that no one is the center of the universe, it never really hits home until your life is so intimately entangled with a person that you have only just met a couple short years ago.

I really hope and pray that we will be able to use our experiences and struggle together to help other LDR’s in the future.  To save even one couple from the unnecessary stresses and strains and misunderstandings and tears would make this whole thing so that much more gloriously providential.


About becklegacy

Emergency Veterinarian by night; Crossfit athlete by day; Redeemed work-in-progress by the Grace of God.
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