The Cooking Gene

So I have apparently discovered my cooking gene in the past few weeks. I blame the full-fledged kitchen in the apartment I am subleasing, and the fact that I am solely responsible for my meals while in said apartment. These two facts have led me to cook more meals and dishes in the past few weeks than I have cooked my entire high school and college careers combined.

Now, with all the recipes I am googling and bookmarking and trying, it is getting difficult to keep them organized. Like, when we have some chicken breasts that need to be eaten up, and I think “Now where did I see that recipe for grilled lemon-lime chicken and risotto…” My Bookmarks? A .pdf in my Documents? My favorites on my account? One of mom’s many cookbooks?

Introducing the plug of the week: YUM. YUM is a third-party freeware application recipebook. Add recipes and organize them by category. Customize the look and layout of the recipes, including adding pictures. E-mail recipes to friends and family. Create a shopping list for arbitrary sets of recipes. Pretty simple, but extremely useful. The only improvement I would hope to see would be some way to make sub-categories, as right now you are restricted to first tier. So, as you can see in the screenshots, I have to start off all my entree categories with ENTREE in order to keep them grouped together. Other than that, if you’re looking for an easy and free way to digitally store your recipes, this might be the app for you.

Screenshot #1 – Edit Recipe Window:

Screenshot #2 – View Recipe Window:

Screenshot #3 – Shopping List Window:


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