Election Series – Chapter VI

“When did McCain get a bump? When he picked an unapologetic conservative running mate. How is Obama winning this election now? By never calling himself a liberal at all, by never mentioning his true allies and mentors, and by pretending not to be a radical Leftist. Conservatives lose when they deny that they are conservatives: When they seek that two percent of America that calls itself moderate at the cost of that sixty percent of America that calls itself conservative. When was the last time an unapologetic conservative ran against a nice, old-fashioned liberal? Twenty-four years ago. The result? The conservative got about sixty percent of the vote.”

– American Thinker, “John McCain and the Limbaugh Effect”


Even as the U.S. confronts two long wars, neither Sen. John McCain nor Sen. Barack Obama believes the country should take the politically perilous step of reviving the military draft.

“But the two presidential candidates disagree on a key foundation of any future draft: Mr. Obama supports a requirement for both men and women to register with the Selective Service, while Mr. McCain doesn’t think women should have to register.

Also, Mr. Obama would consider officially opening combat positions to women. Mr. McCain would not.”

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Candidates differ on female draft”


“More than 30,000 Florida felons who by law should have been stripped of their right to vote remain registered to cast ballots in this presidential battleground state, a Sun Sentinel investigation has found.

Many are faithful voters, with at least 4,900 turning out in past elections.

Another 5,600 are not likely to vote Nov. 4 — they’re still in prison.

Of the felons who registered with a party, Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one.”

– Sun Sentinel, “Many convicted felons remain on voter rolls, according to Sun Sentinel investigation”


“If it were up to me to attach labels to modern political ideologies, I would choose the terms “Individualism” and “Statism.” “Individualism” would reflect the Founder’s ideology, which sought to repose as much power as possible in individual citizens, with as little power as possible in the State, especially the federal state. The Founder’s had emerged from a long traditional of monarchal and parliamentary statism, and they concluded that, whenever power is concentrated in the government, the individual suffers.

And what of Statism? Well, there’s already a name for that ideology, and it’s a name that should now be firmly attached to Sen. Obama: Socialism…

Both history and current events demonstrate that the socialist reality is always bad for the individual, and this is true whether one is looking at the painfully brutal socialism of the Nazis or the Soviets or the Chinese, with its wholesale slaughters, or at the soft socialism of England, in which people’s lives are ever more tightly circumscribed, and the state incrementally destroys individual freedom. And that is why Obama’s socialism matters.”

– American Thinker, “Why Obama’s socialism matters”

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– Times Online, “Royal Bank of Scotland under state control”

– MyWay.com, “Gov’t mulls plans to take ownership stakes in banks”


“…the survey indicated that younger U.S. residents of faith are ‘not the culture war generation.’ He added, ‘On issues from gay and lesbian rights to the role of government at home and around the world, young Catholics, mainline Protestants and evangelicals are bridging the divides that entrenched their elders and ushering in a new era of consensus [emphasis added] in which the common good trumps the clash of ideologies [emphasis added].’ Katie Paris of Faith in Public Life said, ‘What this poll shows us is a glimpse of the future. The dividing lines of the culture war are shifting and sometimes fading'”.

– Medical News Today, “Polls of Younger Religious Voters Show Culture War Over Issues Including Abortion May Be Fading”


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