Election Series – Chapter IX

Some people say that most African-Americans will vote for Obama only because he is black. Others say that it is racist To conclude that blacks would vote for skin color alone.

Howard Stern’s Man-On-The-Street takes a walk up Harlem To test this theory. Listen to this audio and decide for yourself.
Howard Stern\’s Man-On-The-Street


“McCain recalled being ready to launch a bombing run during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which Biden said over the weekend tested a new President John F. Kennedy and was the template for the kind of “generated crisis” the 47-year-old Obama would face within six months of taking office.

‘I was on board the USS Enterprise,’ McCain, a former naval aviator, said in the capital city of Harrisburg. ‘I sat in the cockpit, on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise, off of Cuba. I had a target. My friends, you know how close we came to a nuclear war.’

As the crowd of several thousand began to swell with cheers and applause, he added with dramatic effect: ‘America will not have a president who needs to be tested. I’ve been tested, my friends.'”

– MyWay AP News, “McCain reminds Biden he’s been tested in crisis”


“Safavi said a small, experienced group of officials is lobbying for a preemptive strike against Israel. ‘The recent Israeli declarations and harsh rhetoric on a strike against Iran put ammunition in these individuals’ hands,’ he said.

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said in June that Israel would be forced to strike the Iranian nuclear reactor if Tehran continues to pursue its uranium enrichment program.

Safavi said Tehran recently drafted a new policy for responding to an Israeli or American attack on its nuclear facilities. While the previous policy called for attacks against Israel and American interests in the Middle East and beyond, the new policy is to target Israel alone.

He added that many Revolutionary Guard leaders want to respond to a U.S. attack on Iranian soil by striking Israel, as they believe Israel would be partner to any U.S. action.”

– Haaretz, “Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel”


Great glimpse into the proud and strong American spirit that is Sarah Palin.

– Time, “More from the Palins’ Interview With PEOPLE”


“Bruce Heiden, professor of Greek and Latin at The Ohio State University, makes the fascinating claim in his website “The Postliberal” that Barack Obama agrees with my assertion that he did not actually write his own memoir, Dreams From My Father. Heiden finds his evidence in the 1995 Introduction to the book.. Says Heiden:
According to Obama, he did some writing on another book, not a memoir but ‘an essay on the limits of civil rights litigation in bringing about racial equality’ (xiii; all citations refer to the 2004 paperback edition). This book was never finished, and it doesn’t exist. Obama says that his work on the ‘civil rights litigation’ project was aborted by personal memories that forced themselves upon him: ‘I found my mind pulled…’ (xiv). But he doesn’t say how these memories turned into the book Dreams from My Father. In particular, he doesn’t say he wrote the book. He says that Dreams ‘found its way onto these pages’ (xvi).”

– American Thinker, “Ohio State Prof: Obama Denies Writing Dreams From My Father”


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  1. genepensiero says:

    excellent compilations.

    glad i found you guys on the web finally!

    (little gene)

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