The Clarkston Chronicles – Korean Prayer

I heard the heart of God today.

In a little town in central Georgia, one MARTA-ride away from Atlanta, in the basement of a rundown apartment complex where the floor is concrete and shared with the roaches, a group of 19 Korean-American youth met with God and pleaded for the people of North Korea.

Have you ever been the victim of paralyzing beauty? You round a corner. You crest a hill. You open a door. And the scene that greets you is so magnificent, so splendid, so shockingly marvelous that all you can do is stand with your knees locked and your arms outstretched. You open your mouth but you can’t make a sound – but inside you’re screaming. Joy rams through your soul like the sharp shooting pains of a thousand knives.

This passion is what led the prayer meeting of these youth – but it was not beauty or joy on which they were expounding. No – their hearts burned within them for the plight of the downtrodden of North Korea. A people group in abject poverty on the brink of starvation – a starvation so severe that they are forced to cannibalize their very own. A country where most of its citizens seek to flee south – and where most don’t make it. A staggering 80% of these refugees are forced into the sex trade slave market. A most despicable evil, the most degrading sort of ugliness.

These Korean youth grappled with these painful truths and lifted them up to the Father. They prayed for mercy for their people, for Christ to shine His light of Truth upon them. They prayed for North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, that his heart would be broken before God, that he would make an international proclamation that God is everything and that he is nothing. They asked forgiveness for their own triteness and begged for a heart for the nations. They confessed materialism, consumerism, hedonism, egoism.

“Break us! Convict us! Heal us! Heal North Korea! Bring unity back to our war-ridden countries!” they cried with one voice.

They continued to intercede for quite a long time, bemoaning the ugliness of Satan’s dominion in the northern country, crushing themselves with pleas to God to move in their kinsmen’s land.

This meeting of souls does not end in despair, however. A wise Christian Korean woman brought our focus back to eternity as she, in closing, thanked God for His everlasting faithfulness. For His grace in that He determined to save any of us from our own desperate wickedness. She expressed our hope – a hope that rests on Truth. It filled our hearts and lifted us up – it reminded us that the Fight is long and the Journey is hard. But in the end God’s purpose prevails.



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