Día cinco – miércoles 17 de marcho de 2010

Well, today I pretty much stayed in bed.  I hate that I couldn’t go with the group to village #3, but was assured by everyone that they knew I wasn’t slacking and they would rather me take a day off now than push myself and die in the wilds of Honduras.  Ha…thanks, guys.  😉

About lunchtime, Dr. Loyd (who had also stayed behind today) convinced me to take a walk-about around the HOI ranch.  They are a functional ranch with a dairy operation, a pig pen, chicken coop, and tilapia ponds.  It was actually all pretty fascinating listening to the ranch hand describe how he was managing his herds/flocks with the limited resources that they had.  It also made me realize that the ranchers in Honduras know just as much about practical husbandry and agriculture as we do, even though the language barrier can make it hard to appreciate.  The ranch hand actually told us that he had gotten his degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences at a university in the States!  To think that our country has been blessed to such an extent that people from all the reaches of the world would want to come train in our country so they could return to improve and benefit their homeland.

After returning from the tour I slept for another 2 hours or so, then was granted permission to head out to the village with the lunch truck.

I didn’t really get to learn much about this village, but I did get to do a full dog neuter as primary surgeon with Dr. Evans mentoring.  Oh, and did I mention it was on the tailgate of a pickup truck?  Awesome.  Apparently we worked with our first large animals today, as I heard behind me the ruckus of vet students and Honduran ranchers trying to lasso sheep in order to deworm them.  Heh.  They also castrated a burro.  Wish I could’ve been in on both of those, but hey, surgery isn’t too bad either.

Once I finished the neuter I was down for the count once again.  Got hit with nausea again and a migraine, so I ended up going back to the ranch with the lunch truck and going to bed while the group went to the 4th village to work for an hour or so.  This gave them a chance to get a headstart for us tomorrow so we could finish early enough for a “surprise” from Mart(h)a!!


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