Día cuatro – martes 16 de marcho de 2010

Woah, today was a long one!  Shanna and I knocked out about 100 administrations of dewormer and rabies vaccination each!  Ugh…I never want to give another rabies IM shot again!  I only hit the femur bone once though, which was surprising considering the widespread lack of msucle mass on almost every dog.  We actually had two surgeries at proper operating height – and then two on really low back-breaking levels and finally one on the back of a pickup truck.  Pretty much started getting dehydrated by lunch, and then I drank a sugary Fanta soda.  Ha.  After lunch did more vaccs/dewormers.  Also cats.  Then I was finally asked to help neuter.  Yay!  I took out one of the testicles (closed technique) and started to close the body wall – and then it hit.  Hot shakes, dizziness, incredible nausea.  So I was pretty much out of commission for the next 24-36 hours.  One last thing – monitored a cat getting spayed that was having bradycardia (low heart rate) and dyspnea (low respiratory rate).  Her heartrate would get up to about 180bpm and then drop with no discernable breathing. Then, she would give a couple of gasps and her heart rate would jump back up again.  We gave some atropine with Dr. Turner finshing up the spay with lightning-quick strokes.  She made it.

When we got home I took a shower, pulled about 6 seed ticks off my legs, and crashed.  Didn’t eat dinner, breakfast, or lunch.  I was pretty darn sick.

Note: We worked under a tomarindo tree (hence the ticks).  This tree has pods filled with a kind of meat that you boil and then eat.  Supposed to taste like strawberries.


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