Día siete – viernes 19 de marcho de 2010

Up early to leave by 7:00am.

As we drove away I had my

First regret: not enough time spent in those beautiful hammocks:

Rip-roaring bus ride out of the Agalta Valley and down the other side of the mountain range.  Bought some plantain chips at a gas station for people back home to try.  Stopped at the Mennonite place to eat lunch.  Bought my last Honduran ice cream cone (coffee flavor with little clumps of what tasted like cane sugar soaked in coffee) and the first of my souvenirs/gifts (bracelets for school friends).

Arrived in Tegucigalpa at around 2:00pm.  About one hour later we arrived at our hotel in Tegucigalpa.  Traffic is so much worse than L.A. or even Memphis.  People got smog-sick.




The hotel was top-notch.  No, really.  Dumped off our stuff in our rooms and then all 13 of us headed downtown.  Second to being sick for those two days, this adventure was the worst part of the trip for me.  First off, we went exactly where Dr. Lloyd told us NOT to go.  Rank with pickpockets and other unsavory characters.  Second, all 13 of us stayed in a kind of stupid amoeba-like clump, clearly marking us as stupid white rich American punk tourists.  Just stressful and idiotic.  And being from either Minnesota or Iowa (backwoods), almost nobody knew how to operate safely in a big city.  I’m being critical, but I hate people acting like they did in a country that is not ours.

After fumbling around the Honduran hood for awhile, six of us with Drs. Turner and Sawyer headed back for the hotel and shopped in the HOI-endorsed shops right across the street from the hotel.  Bought the rest of my gifts and blew the rest of my money.  This turned out to be thoughtless of me as I had to be spotted later for two meal tips, the donation for Marta, and $1 of the departure tax.  Goodie.  Nothing more humbling.  I can’t express to you my new appreciation for my plastic debit card.


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