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Well, I realize this month’s free wallpaper is coming rather late and for that I apologize (to all 3 of my devoted readers – ha!). I have been caught in the wormhole that is ICU/Emergency for the past six weeks. Not to mention on top of that I have been studying for and taking my veterinary medical boards exam, preparing and presenting my Clinicopathological Conference case to students and faculty of the vet school, and compiling and polishing my CV/Cover letter for grown-up job stuff. In review I’m pretty sure my stress meter is broken and that if David Tennant showed up right now offering me a life of adventure aboard the Tardis I would say YES without reservation (if it was Matt Smith I would be a bit more hesitant).

That being said, I was granted by God’s mercy a 68 hour reprieve from work and was able to meet my family at the grandparent’s farm over Thanksgiving. My roommate tagged along as her family was way up freezing-north somewhere chipping the icicles off their noses. Now, my roommate is fairly awesome because she is like me. Well, not really, but we are similar in many ways, including our attention to detail and our acute powers of observation. After meeting and hanging out with my family, my roommate made several comments about how much she enjoyed being a part of our family gathering and observing how open and loving we are to each other. She pointed out how my sister had no qualms about publicly discussing all the ‘boy troubles’ she had been having the past few weeks and how interested my aunt and great-aunt were in her struggles in nursing school. She also observed how affectionate we were towards one another – being amiable in the mornings before proper caffeination, giving and receiving hugs, lounging together on couches and recliners in front of James Bond and Star Trek marathons. She really helped me see in a whole new way the great blessings I have in my family and that I had perhaps been taking that for granted. I know that my family prays for me, but actually remembering that they pray for me and that many young people do not have that kind of spiritual and emotional support system is another matter entirely. It was quite an eye-opening experience and yet another reason why I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a wise and wonderful roommate.

Go under the Mercy; Sleep under the Protection.



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Emergency Veterinarian by night; Crossfit athlete by day; Redeemed work-in-progress by the Grace of God.
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